Friday, 16 September 2011

Any improvement in my drawing skills?

I am still beaving away doing an hour's drawing practice every day. I don't honestly think it is getting any easier. The tremor in my hand (brought about by the drugs I have to take daily) is certainly more under control and I am not quite as scared of putting pencil to paper. I am learning to look more and am less afraid of putting in a wrong line. Anyway - these are today's drawings.


  1. That bottom one is GOOD! Your shading's coming on really well.

  2. Did you turn the vase upside down and forget about it being a vase? Also you could try negative space drawing which I found helped me no end - draw all the space around the object, forget about the object, and you will be amazed at the results.

  3. I like the solo jug very much. It could be criticised for its perspective, but it is a very pleasant shape, would grace any still life.

  4. You're feeling the three-D in the objects, and making them more solid. If you combined patches of colour with these shapes, I bet you'd see how effective they could be as paintings, just as they are...

  5. I am now taking a drawing class and learning so much!
    You are doing great!

    Margie :

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  9. use a large piece of lining paper- cheap so not precious...and use your whole arm to draw, not just from your wrist.
    Another tip is to have a postcard size hole in a card...and draw what you can see through it, be it part of a spanner, a hand or a view....A4 size.

    The advice my two eldest had when they started GNVQ Art....fill two A4 sides in a drawing book every day...and it didn't matter if you were studying photography or was practice in seeing and looking co-ordinating eye hand and brain.

    Me? I still design pots on my wheel and draw afterwards!!