Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Brick wall.

I have hit a bit of a brick wall. This is probably due to having three days out when it was impossible to do my hour's drawing. The exercise is to drape a piece of striped material and draw it. I have to admit that I can't do it.

I find my failure most frustrating. Three attempts and it is still no better. So I have decided to miss that exercise out and move on to colour. Whether or not I come back to it depends upon how I get on. But I have to tell myself that I am doing this for enjoyment, otherwise what is the point?

So I feel quite down about the course today. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I am sure you can do it. Get some colours ready (they don't have to be the colours of the material), pens or paints, pin the piece of material to a wall, and pin a piece of paper next to it, and let go..... .make some coloured lines and squiggles in one colour and then take the next colour and so on (you probably only need three colours), and build up and you will have a pattern of some description. Hope this helps although I don't know the exact description of your current task!

  2. Don't be disheartened, remember drawing is your interpretation of what you can see, it could an emotional reaction to what you see. i couldn't do the stripey fabric either[or thought I couldn't] nor the inner shapes of a shell - both a after a long day. tried again - a bit freer and felt happier. Somedays it just seems to work out okay!
    You're doing great!


  3. Once you have your striped material draped, may I suggest you start at some point in the middle, and aim to draw the SPACES BETWEEN the stripes. Sounds mad? But you might find it easier... :)

  4. Not sure I could do this one either, go away and come back to it later. can I suggest that on the days you cant fit an hour in, and I very rarely draw on my own for an hour, that you do quick 5 minute outline sketches, of anything around the house, spoons, forks, your cup of tea tea pot etc. They dont have to look good, its just to keep your hand in.

  5. Never tried that. It sounds tough. If you feel the need to skip it that's fine. Come back to it later when you are more confindent.