Friday, 9 September 2011


I have been working at my drawing and my stripes each day for an hour and possibly getting slightly better. However, I have decided to take a month to concentrate on my drawing technique before I go any further with the course as I just seem to be skating across the top rather than doing it in any depth. I will therefore keep the blog going but for the time being the work will be drawing exercises. Just off now to do the first one.


  1. Dear Weaver, I recommend a book that I used quite often when teaching art to adults. "Light, how to see it how to paint it" by Lucy Willis. It contains several projects, including tonal drawing, and demonstrations. There are also plenty of inspiring images.

  2. There's dedication for you! ♥

  3. You still good at it I can tell. No doubt about it.
    Very professional. Keep doing your work.

    barber chair

  4. Hello friend from BlogSpot (I'm the one who once painted you hearer of a row of trees) - drawing is a skill that slowly develops (really). What helps me with vases, is to draw an oblong box (the size of the vase). Then a vertical line through the middle, so the roundings come out symmetrical.
    I also draw horizontal lines to help me with pedestals, and tops. Wishing you success! Ask me questions anytime!
    Am now at wordpress -