Sunday, 4 September 2011

Using colour.

After a shaky start I began to get the hang of this. It is a long time since I used a paint brush and my early attempts were pretty awful, but after a while it improved slightly. One of the problems is that Koh i noor (which I love for its clarity of colour) does not dry anything like the colour on the palette - the final result is much brighter and clearer.

For the first exercise I picked some things in reds and purples from the garden and then made a wash on the page, trying to replicate the colours. I have not done this very successfully, but I did like the image I got from pressing the wet page on the opposite page and wished I had done this sooner to get a clearer image.

Next I got some bits of material and 'matched' them to colours from the paint box. I painted the stripes and then stuck on the bits of material and I am quite pleased with the result there.

It is quite a relief to finish my hour on a high point rather than the point of despair I have reached over the last few days!


  1. You're clearly much happier with colours. Glad you enjoyed doing this one!

  2. What a wonderful exercise and I love what you have done. But more important you rather enjoyed this one and seem to have a bit of fun.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Your colours are lovely - I could have guessed they would be from things I've seen on your blog before. I bet you'd get on much better drawing with a brush full of colour, rather than a pen or pencil...

  4. You are doing so well. I know exactly what you mean about Koh i Noor, but it is a lovely medium to work with. I LOVE the colours you've used and your enjoyment of the exercise comes through. ♥

  5. You have got some fantastic effects. You get used to the Koh-i-Noors eventually. They are so lovely to work with