Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day 7

Today I chose a vase. I love this old stone vase and have tried to draw it many times. The difficulty is in getting the sides the same. I am sure you will think I have not done that but I can assure you it is my best attempt yet!

We were then encouraged to try using charcoal to draw,so that we could vary the thickness and intensity of the line. Also we were told to draw and use a whole page. When I look at the two drawings I can see the they are slightly different. I think the smaller one is slightly more accurate. The larger one has more lines going round - this is because by the time I drew that version there was more sunlight and some very faint lines showed up.

The shading is not very accurate - I found that as the sun kept going in and coming out it was hard to capture. But I shall keep trying. Slowly I do feel slightly more confident. Let's face it, it's not a matter of life and death, I am supposed to be doing this for enjoyment! Have I managed to convey the 'roundness' of the vessel? If not, how can I achieve this?

##Looking at the drawings here on the page I can see quite clearly that I have not got the two sides the same at all - but I am not taking the pictures off - I shall try again tomorrow and see if I can get it any better. That way, if there is an improvement I shall be able to see it clearly!


  1. Pat I never get both sides the same, you are trying for looseness not accuracy at this stage, Certainly looks round to me.

  2. You're definitely getting more relaxed. It might not feel like it - but it shows. Keep going. (Maybe I should publish pics of some of my drawings from a few years ago.... they were awful. )

  3. It only comes with practice. Like drawing a circle freehand. Only a madman (or woman) can do it perfectly - they say. Strangely, the hardest part should have been drawing the ellipse for the opening at the top, but you've done that remarkably well. You are obviously totally sane!

  4. Maybe a tip for getting the sides to match - let the eye follow down from points at the top of the vase to see which come in vertical alignment with each other below... I'll email you a diagram to explain better...♥

  5. I think that you are becoming less tentative with your drawing and the fact that you are struggling with shadows which are constantly changing is understandable. I like the fact that you are looking closely enough to notice different lines that appear as the light changes.