Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Today's task.

Believe it or not, I felt slightly less trepidation today. Sitting up in bed drinking my tea this morning I found myself looking carefully at the shape of the dressing table mirror - I thought that was a good sign.

I chose the egg shell as Sian suggested. They are not very good but at least I approached them with more confidence. I have no idea how to proceed other than doing an outline drawing, but I used the technique Sian suggested. So far so good.


  1. Pat get a Pitt pen(not a brush) or an extra fine sharpie. I love drawing with a pen (not tempted to rub out)or look for a uni pin fine line that says it is water and fade proof nib no 02.My newsagent has them.If you can get Carla Sonheims book Drawing Lab itis wonderful for freeing up nervous drawers.
    Looking good Penny

  2. Those are really good! Have you thought about visiting an art gallery to see what the 'professionals' do? I did that when I first started messing about in oils. Don't look at the overall picture - look at their technique. It'll help you move on to new areas.

    Treat yourself to a day out at Salt's Mill. Can't be too far from you - and it has a lovely shop where you can buy art materials (not to mention the great cafe!)

  3. Thanks for the advice Penny. I shall look in the newsagents tomorrow.

  4. Thanks AJ - no Salt's Mill is not too far - maybe Harrogate is nearer - I do have an account with Art Van Go, who have most supplies - we are such a long way from anywhere and the farmer is too busy to go to these places - not sure I want to drive all that way alone.