Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Today's efforts.

After staining the sheets of the sketch book yesterday with a damp teabag (which I thought was a splendid idea for giving just a bit of subtle colour to the background) I went out into the garden and picked a couple of leaves. I just was not confident enough to try to sketch them by hand, so I laid them on the page and made a dot at each 'point' and then worked on from there. As for the shells, I tried them freehand. The razor clam shell is very poor and gives no suggestion of being shaped at all. The other shell is maybe a little big better.

Still, I have made a start and shall continue.


  1. Your leaves are looking good and there is nothing wrong with giving yourself reference points initially. I shouldn't worry about the razor clam shell. It would take on much more of a shape with shading but you seem to be concentrating on line drawings at the moment.

  2. I like the teabag effect. Goes well with the leaves. Sort of autumnal. The top one is good. Keep it up.