Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 8

I must say that I am finding it hard going and I am not at all satisfied with the results, but I am persevering, feeling that doing an hour's drawing every day and really looking at things has got to make some improvement sometime.

Today's task of looking at the 'inside' of things and drawing them without the outline has proved quite a challenge but I have enjoyed doing it.


  1. I like your sea urchin. You are getting better. Keep going!

  2. Hi, (thank you for the blog name).

    I think your drawings are great and you will soon loosen up. Draw things upside down and you will see this helps like magic.

  3. Sketching every day helps, an hour seems a long time though! Keep going they are looking interesting.

  4. Over time you learned to bake bread or cook a roast, maybe the first time didn't come out that great but it became better.
    The same with drawing. I think your doing great.

    cheers, parsnip